Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Combe Road Closure

Yesterday the section of Combe Road from the North Road junction to Rockhall Lane was closed as a precautionary measure after some movement on the surface over the mines was identified. It is thought that the vibration from traffic may have caused the movement. Work has also been progressing underground and this may have been a contributing factor.

The safety of people on the surface and of the workers in the mines is of paramount importance so the road will remain closed to traffic for a minimum of a few days, but it could be for much longer. An assessment of the risk will be made by the Stone Mines Engineers during the next few days.

In an attempt to avoid chaos during the morning 'rush hour' I spoke to the deputy headteacher at Monkton Combe Junior School and he decided to tell parents picking their children up last night that the School's normal one way route to the School, across the school field and out via Combe Road, would be changed to coming in by The Avenue and out via the school field.

This change seems to have been effective this morning because although there was more traffic in the centre of the village than usual there were few holdups. Any comments from people experiencing problems would be welcomed.

Buses now go along North Road as they are no longer able to access the village through Combe Road, so Cherry Beath and I have spoken to the Council's public transport officers and temporary bus stops have been identified in North Road.


Blogger E said...

Please can something be done to notify the road closure BEFORE people turn left at the top of Summer Lane? In fact there should probably also be a warning to anyone thinking of turning right at the end of the Avenue. It has been chaos with cars having to reverse back into existing problems with traffic movement.

The Avenue itself is VERY difficult. My suggestion would be a temporary one way system down Firs from Avenue and traffic lights to control the flow through the part between Firs and Church Road. I also heitate to suggest it given the difficulty parking a;; round here at the moment, but how about temporary one side only restriction to parking in that part of The Avenue?

6:34 pm

Blogger Roger Symonds said...

More signage has been put in place and the Firs is to be made one way taking traffic out of the village. The area closed off has been made much smaller too.

The changes have been made in response to requests and suggestions by local residents, such as those in this useful comment - many thanks.

5:06 pm


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