Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blogger News

Ben Murch from the Bath Chronicle has reviewed local political blogs in today's Chron. Conventional wisdom is that more and more news will come from on-line sources and TV, Radio and newspapers will no longer be our main sources for news ( some say that this has happened already). So love them or hate them blogs are here to stay.

Ben was quite complimentary about the existing blogs and I am sure that more councillors will set them up as a result of Ben's article. My view is that the blog is a quick way of getting information out to local residents in Combe Down. I would like this to be more a two way exchange than it is already, so comments and ideas will be very welcome. View the article on line on the Chronicle web site -

I am meeting John Weeks, a newly appointed Highways Liaison Officer to the Stone Mines team from the council, in the Information Centre at 2pm today. I will have plenty to say about the satndard of work by the Council's highways contractor, Ringway, and the length of time it takes to get anything done. I have been asking for the signage for the one way system in the Firs to be completed for about a month now. Even a simple repair to the bus shelter at MoD, reported on two occasions in the last month has still not been done. I was also promised the removal of yellow lines in Church Road and the Avenue more than a year ago.

There is also a working group meeting this Friday to consider Traffic Management issues in Combe Down during the stabilisation scheme. This workshop is as a result of my strong criticism of the lack of any sort of plan for traffic flows after the closure of Combe Road. The workshop includes such major players as council highways officers, Stone Mines Team, Utilities (Water and Gas), emergency planners and local schools. We would welcome any gripes, and suggestions for improvements.


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