Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stone Mines Contract Awarded

Hydrock, the company that has brought the scheme to the present position, has been awarded the contract to carry on with the stabilisation works. Hydrock offered the lowest cost, best value and shortest programme for the remaining project works in the sum of £42,544,218.58 .
This is the first of three 'packages' for the remainder of the scheme and the release of subsequent stages of works to Hydrock will be dependent upon their satisfactory performance. Hydrock are well liked by local people, not only because they are efficient, but because they are considerate and are willing to contribute to the local community.

The most obvious example is the lights at Christmas draped over the horse chestnut tree in the centre of Firs Field. Recently there has been a record pouring of foamed concrete in one day - 1300 cubic metres, when the normal days work is around 900 cubic metres.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an interested party in the works at Combe Down it gives me great satisfaction to read the compliments in your blog. It is not very often that contractors and the public actually co-exist in such close proximity for such a length of time.
I take my hat off to the local community for being pleasant and understanding about the contract as they stand to gain nothing more than they had to begin with at the end of it all.
Finally can I say how kind and understanding the staff of the Darling Deli have been throughout the works and how wonderful the food is.

5:06 pm

Blogger Roger Symonds said...

We have called on residents living in close proximity to the site and they have nothing but praise for the way the project is being carried out. Of course there are problems as has been evident in North Road, Combe Road and Stonehouse Lane, but the impact of the project on most residents has been minor. Many thanks.

3:27 pm

Blogger Roger Symonds said...

Oh yes, we also agree with your comment about Darling Deli and will pass on your appreciation to the staff.

3:30 pm


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