Thursday, January 04, 2007

Climb Lines

I regularly ride my bike up Ralph Allen Drive, often when it is dark, as do many more Combe Down residents, but it is quite frightening to be passed closely by cars travelling at speed. I have therefore written to Cllr Sir Elgar Jenkins, Cabinet member for Transport asking for a white line to be painted on the 'up' side of Ralph Allen Drive. This ‘Climb Line’ (really a cycle lane) will be helpful to motorists too in giving them a guide to how much room they should give to cyclists. I see this as a pilot scheme, which if successful could be repeated at very little cost on hills throughout Bath and North East Somerset. (Photo shows me with bike and other cyclists during 'Bike to Work Week - by kind permission of the Chron.)

Approaching the top of Ralph Allen Drive too it is often not possible to ride on the inside of the row of cars queuing to get out at the junction with North Road, because they are too close to the kerb. The line would give them a guide to where they should be positioned on the road and allow cyclists to get to the head of the queue. I believe that these lines would encourage more cyclists on to our roads and therefore help achieve the Council’s goal of getting more people to use sustainable transport.

Reaction from officers is that Ralph Allen Drive may be too narrow for a cycle lane, but they will check!!!


Blogger Jo said...

Hi Roger
great idea, we often talk of a design for a ski lift type device to help pull cyclists (like me) up the hill. i'm certain this would benefit cyclists all around as it would give great access to the Uni as well as St Martin's side. good luck and lets all get our thinking caps on.

9:18 pm

Blogger Roger Symonds said...

Hi Jo
I'll be lucky if I get a 'Climb Line', let alone the sort of innovative device you are suggesting. If this were Switzerland or Germany there might be a chance, but in UK - not a hope. Sorry this is a cynical old councillor talking.
I like your new bike - I was looking at them in Johns Bikes only this week.

10:59 pm


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