Monday, March 26, 2007

Save St Martins Garden Primary School

Good schools are a top priority to parents and children alike, and a good school also reflects well on a community. We are lucky to have a school as successful as St. Martin’s Garden nearby.

St. Martin’s Garden School, the Margaret Coates Centre and Sure Start Children's Centre are all excellent facilities. Many Combe Down and Odd Down children attend the School, but it is under threat.

The Government's Planning inspector recommended that it should be knocked down and re-built on a smaller site to make way for a supermarket. Parents and Governors and many more people across the city objected to this plan - there were 1500 objections during the 6 week consultation period alone.

Council Officers though are still not convinced by this show of support and have recommended to Council on Thursday 29th March (Guildhall 6.30pm) that the School is included in this development site. We have no objection to the neighbouring site, owned by Hayesfield School being developed, but we believe that it is madness to move a perfectly good school against the wishes of so many people.

The Liberal Democrats are fighting to save St. Martin’s Garden and will be looking for support from other Political Parties to an amendment to keep the School on its present site.

Please turn up if you can to support St. Martin’s, or if you can’t then please make your support known by signing up to the Save St Martins web site


Anonymous Mr & Mrs Beasley said...

The school grounds are far too big and are hardly ever used.
Having a supermarket and the facilities that come with it would be great for the Foxhill, Combedown and Odd down residents.
Far too much of the tax payers money is put into education so lets have something that would benefit the whole of the community instead!!!!!!!!!!!

4:42 pm


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