Friday, May 11, 2007

Orange Problems

I signed up with internet provider 'Freeserve' a few years ago for Broadband access, so imagine my surprise when I found that I could no longer access the internet or my emails at home, and Orange was my Broadband provider. Apparently 'Freeserve' was taken over by 'Wanadoo' and 'Wanadoo' was then swallowed up by Orange.

I had various explanations as to why I was unable to get on line and a number of empty promises about getting back on line. Now 4 weeks on, I am still unable to access the internet through the broadband system provided by Orange.

Neither am I able to sign up with another Broadband provider until I can get my 'MAC' number from Orange and so far they have promised, but not supplied it. I am now trying to get the number through the regulator OFFCOM. If I was a small business that relied on the internet I would have been out of business by now. As it is I work from home and to be off-line during an election campaign has been very difficult.

This is why I have not been able to update the website very often in past weeks. I feel that I should let others know how appallingly Orange have behaved over this issue - one of my neighbours is also suffering similar problems.


Blogger Paul Hulbert said...

You and your neighbour are not the only ones - I lost my Orange broadband connection in mid April, similarly in the middle of the election campaign. I had the automatically generated irrelevant emails, then rang up and found out that they have been doing Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) work - putting their own equipment into, in my case, Chipping Sodbury exchange. I was promised a date by which it would be complete and a month's refund. The date has now passed, I've had a line test done - it was fine - and I'm intending to ask for a MAC code on Monday when I've decided who to switch to. They've told me that I can get the MAC code by dialling 0870 010 2462, then options 1, 5, 4, 2. I don't know whether that will work, of course.

Did you see the (Bristol) Evening Post article on Thursday (pg 13 in the 2-star edition) about the guy in Westbury-on-Trym who's also been cut off for a month? I feel a Focus article coming on...

10:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orange's service is no longer fit to be called a service - I'm amazed it hasn't hit the press bigtime. You are in good company - go to "Orange Problems" website. Thousands are really angry with them.
Best C

8:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at the Orange Problems website, Mr Symonds, and you will see that you are not alone. Orange is a shameful company which has failed to provide an acceptable broadband connection or anything resembling adequate technical support or customer service to many of its long-standing customers. Write to its directors, and to the directors of France Telecom. Spread the word to any journalists and investment analaysts that you know.

9:45 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just had an appalling week with Orange Broadband, despite being with them over 10yrs (under the guises of Freeserve & Wanadoo). Last week connections were down intermittently Tue & Wed, Thur off all evening, Sat & Sun down from 13.00 Sat till Mon morning. This is compounded by broken connections weekly over the past 6 months. So after numerous complaints they offered me today new contract of unlimited @ £9.99 6months free so as it seemed a good offer I accepted, after checking it was unlimited the same as I was already on.........wrong move. When I got the details thru (2hrs later)it was restricted to 2GB. Phoned and complained got no joy, stated I would like to cancel only to be told I would be charged £105!!!! After numerous phone calls & a very stressful day they eventually reinstated my old package on a new 12 month contract with 4 months free. Still not over happy but best of bad deal.....needless to say roll on next yr when I will definately leave them. Apologies for length of this but hopefully it will stop someone else making the same error.

8:44 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes... The link you require is - you'll find that you are certainly not alone!

6:45 pm

Anonymous Rob Banks said...

Hi Roger

I'm just going to have a rant now on the Orange problems site - but as we discussed earlier, I have also been messed around by Orange and have been off line at home for 2 weeks now.

I phoned them to cancel my subscription - they tried to offer me 6 months free but I don't trust a word they say and just look forward to next week when I switch and the orange subscription gets cancelled.

A warning to anyone else - DO NOT SIGN UP TO ORANGE, THEY ARE USELESS!

Cllr Rob Banks
Oval Ward
Lambeth Council

3:21 pm

Blogger Roger Symonds said...

We have now finally got our MAC number from Orange thanks to OFFCOM and my partner, Nic, will be trying to sign up for Broadband with Waitrose. They come out well in the 'Which' survey. BT don't incidentally and Orange.....they're the pits!

4:45 pm

Blogger Paul Hulbert said...

Following my earlier comment about poor service from Orange, they gave me a MAC code inside 2 days. Mind you, I did slip the word "OFCOM" into the conversation. Still, it proves they can do something when they want to. I've decided to try BT.

1:05 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have emailed my MP asking her if she is aware of the widespread problems experienced by Orange users with LLU and the lack of transparency on the part of Orange in seeking to resolve these problems and deal fairly and honestly with their customers. I've asked her to consider whether the present regulatory structure is adequate to deal with these types of problems and whether she's prepared to put pressure on appropriate House of Commons contacts and committees to look at the matter with specific reference to Orange LLU. Can I suggest that those of you who are involved full-time in politics do the same?

9:58 pm


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