Sunday, July 15, 2007

Six to Fix

In the run up to the election Cherry and I made some pledges, drawn from what you had told us. Our 'Six to Fix' are the issues that you told us you most wanted us to look at and that gave you most concerns. We will keep you updated on our progress with these pledges on this Blog site and in our regular Focus news letters. Any comments and ideas are very welcome. The first update is below.

Six To Fix Progress

1. Road Safety and Congestion
– Advisory 20 mph speed restrictions will be put in at Hawthorn Grove/Sedgemoor Road and Southstoke Road. A Pedestrian refuge has been agreed to the west of Southstoke Road/Bradford Road junction and Zig Zag lines have been requested for outside Combe Down Primary School.

2. Speeding Traffic in Bradford/North Road - We have walked Bradford/North Roads with Peter Bailey from the Highways Department and we identified a number of safety measures. More on this in Focus.

3. Bus Services – we are still trying to arrange a meeting with First Group managers. We have had no response yet.

4. Fear of Crime – lighting improvements are now installed in Foxhill - more to come when funding is available. New community policeman PC Gerry Monks and PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) David Hall (grew up on Combe Down) on patrol – one more PCSO to follow.

5. Street Cleansing – Deep Clean, Keep Clean in August – to be reported on the Blog soon.

6. Youth and Community Provision – we asked Holy Trinity Church on 13th June for a meeting to discuss their plans for St Andrews, but as yet we have not had a response. During August we will ask the people of Foxhill what community facilities they would like to see on the St Andrews and Community Centre sites.


Anonymous Dee & Jai said...

I hope that St Andrew's is rebuilt and that the old Community Centre is combined so that we have a centre that is fit for everyone to use.

Dee & Jai

11:23 pm


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